AMPLIFON SET 140 Amp – high end


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I am selling a AMPLIFON SET 140 Amplifier Looks great and in perfect condition with original packaging. The unit is original 230V.


Made in Poland,

The input stage is based on a EC86 triode with a high degree of linearity.
The output triode is driven by a 6C41C.
All voltages are stabilized (anode voltages of the input tubes, the driver tube, the output stage, the filament heaters of the input stage, as well as the heaters of the driver and output stages).
The device is equipped with a soft start mechanism and an autobias. It does not require from the user any whatsoever “regulation” or “trimming” activities during the normal course of usage.
Special security means are built in, so as to detect and accordingly react to too high a current of the output tube, and/or too high a temperature within the device.


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