Carpet Cleaning: Wet vs. Dry

There are several ways that your carpet cleaner can clean your carpet. You have two basic methods: “dry cleaning” or “wet cleansing”. Most people are curious to learn the differences between these two methods spotless carpet. The main difference between the two is the amount of water used. However, it is not just that. It is important to vacuum the carpet before beginning either of these methods. The cleaning will be easier.

Cleaning First, we will examine the method of cleaning with water. As the name suggests, wet cleaning methods use a lot of water. The two most common types are steam and shampooing.

The shampooing technique involves literally washing the carpet. Cleaning machine sprays a foamy shampoo on the carpet fibers. The process is designed to stir up dirt and stains. The dirt gets trapped in the shampoo when it is stirred. Vacuum the carpet after it has dried. With the shampoo dried solution, the dirt and stains that were previously attached to carpet fibers are removed.

Steam cleaning is also known as wet cleaning. Steam cleaning involves spraying a solution of detergent and hot water on your carpet. The dirt is then loosen. The water is removed from the carpet using a specialized vacuum.

The Dry Method A moist powder, which is then massaged into the carpet fibers using a machine of a specific type, is applied to the carpet. This powder is mainly detergent, dissolving agent, and absorbent. The powder also has a small amount of water to moisten it. Its special composition allows the powder to be a powerful cleaner. The carpet is cleaned after the powder has been spread over it.

The Advantages and Drawbacks of each A dry clean is defined as a surface cleaning. It doesn’t get as deep as wet cleaning. This method has the advantage that it is faster. You may have to wait 12-24 hours to allow the cleaning solution to dry. It does, however, take longer. As mentioned above, the advantage is that this method is more effective and thorough. The wait can often be worth it.

A typical cleaning process Professional cleaners will use a similar method to that described below. They first survey the cleaning area in order to determine the location and type of dirt or stains.

Then, vacuum up as much dirt that is “easy to pick” as you can.

They precondition the carpet after vacuuming with a cleaning solution. The resulting emulsion liquefies the dirt and biomaterials that have been suspended.

Then they will agitate areas with the highest foot traffic. The dirt will be loosen by doing this.

Rinse the solution after agitation. The carpet fibres are then left residue-free. They will use specialized stain removal products if there are persistent stains. These areas may be left “to dwell” for some time to allow the spot-removal agents to do their job. After the appropriate amount of time, removers are rinsed out.

After the carpet is completely clean and all stains are removed, it’s usually time to apply Teflon Advanced fiber Protectant by Dupont for carpets. This last step, although optional is highly recommended.

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