Vinegar is an excellent way to easily remove carpet stains caused by pets

Your quest for products that are natural and safe for you, your pet, the environment and your family may have led to your considering vinegar as a way to get rid of pet stains. What is the effectiveness of this carpet cleaning rental? Take a look at the article to find out.

To create a cleaning solution that removes pet stains effectively and is also deodorizing, add some baking soda.

While vinegar works well to remove pet stain, the stain should be treated as soon a possible. As you allow it to sit longer, it becomes more likely that it will become permanent. The stain may be difficult to remove, and require multiple treatments. Some stains may fade, but they will still be there.

Basic Vinegar Cleaning Solution

The water is heated to 1 quart.
14 cup white wine vinegar

Vinegar – How to remove Pet Stains

The stain type you’re treating may require different preliminary steps. As an example, if you pet has vomited and deposited a heap of feces or other solid matter in a pile, the first task is to collect any such material. Follow the next steps.

To test for colorfastness, apply the vinegar to the surface that you will be cleaning. Even though vinegar can clean your carpet naturally, some fabrics will react and leave a white spot. Testing your cleaning solution is best done in an out-of the-way, concealed area. When the stain on carpet is a small corner will work.
Be sure to use a dry, clean cloth before applying vinegar. Avoid rubbing the stain. The stain should be blotted with a clean cloth to absorb the liquid. By rubbing the stain into the fabric, you will spread it deeper. The liquids are absorbed by the fabric when you blot. Instead of pressing liquids into fabric, you will wick them up from carpet, furniture, mattresses, and other surfaces.
Spray directly your solution of white vinegar onto small, stubborn stains. Continue spraying until saturated. When the stain is large, you can dribble vinegar onto it and let it soak in until the whole area has been saturated. Pour the vinegar in and let it soak up for a couple of minutes. Blot again with a squeegee or rag. Keep repeating this process till the stain disappears.

Use vinegar to neutralize urine odor. Use vinegar correctly to neutralize urine odor.

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